21 Agustus 2008

Mitral Valve Malfunction and How to Handle It

Mitral Valve is a dual flap valve in the heart with a function to control the blood’s flow in our heart. If it function didn’t act normally and caused a backflow, the sufferer will get a mitral valve prolapse, causing an audible heart murmur during auscultation. The malfunction of the mitral valve will also make the heart muscle become weaker and possible lead to congestive heart failure

Umm.edu is the complete source if you want to learn more about the symptoms and how to handle it. In this website you will find out that the best place for mital valve treatment is University of Maryland Medical center. This Heart Center has been respected locally and nationally as a forerunner in medical and surgical techniques for the most difficult cardiac cases and has the best cardiac surgeons that will do the best to give the patients mitral valve repair than the mitral valve replacement surgery.

The mitral valve replacement is not recommended because infection of the prosthetic valve can occur in an artificial mitral valve. You can read the success stories and testimonials from the current mitral valve patients of this heart center and find out that about 92 % of the patients in this heart center have their valved repaired instead of replaced.

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