12 September 2008

Develop Your Company by Optimizing Your IT

Every company usually has the same common problem, the lack of professionals who able to maximize the IT department that can make the operational take longer time and money. That is why we need a breakthrough that can help us to make it more efficient in improving the productivity of the employees, thus will impact in the productivity and quality of the products.

Ensim Unify Enterprise edition, as you can see on ensim.com will allow you to optimizes your It infrastructure by creating a secure framework for user provisioning, account workflow and identity storage. The Active Directory Management is fully integrated with existing Microsoft collaboration infrastructure. There is Active Directory Microsoft Active Directory Manager, Microsoft Exchange Manager, Mobile Manager, Self-Service and User Manager, Migration Manager and Password Manager. The collaboration of those Active Directory Tools is very effective in improving the performance of your IT department.

The exchange management will also provide you with necessary audit and compliance reporting to develops, deploy and manage packaged and associated software infrastructure components with exchange tools that will allow your senior IT administrators to set policies that work along with active directory to protect your exchange environment and your uptime guarantee while reducing complexity on your IT infrastructure.

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